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Planet Icarus

Project Management | Game Art

Planet Icarus was one of the biggest University Projects I had worked on which was called Gamelab. During Gamelab we had a semester to work with an intercultural group to create a Game according to a usercase. We decided we wanted to develop a VR Detective Game as a group of 8 highly engaged students. 

This was the first project in which I openly took on the role of Project Manager, and quite successfully guided the project and everyone's tasks in it. Next to managing the SCRUM board, Meetings, Charts and Lists, I have also made 3D Art for the Game. 

In the following Screenshots you can see some of the objects we created, my contribution is written in the description.

We had created the Characters with the free Opensource Software "MakeHuman", which was a big help. I then created their clothes from those characters to fit them perfectly. This was my first experience with the sculpting tool that Blender has to offer. I have also made the hair of the female protagonist. 

Blender | Unity3D | Photshop | MakeHuman

Screenshot Bed

Bed, Closet, Pillows

Morgans Design

Clothes, Hair

Screenshot Desk

Chair, Desk



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