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Figma Prototyping | UI/UX Design

For a University project we had to make a prototype with a tool of our choice, to include a list of requirements. The list of all these requirements can be found below. 

This was the first time I had worked with any prototyping tools. After playing around with both Adobe XD and Figma, I decided to work with Figma. The opportunity of the open source plugins and simplicity seemed extremely appealing. Although I have been working with the Adobe Suite for a while, I found Figma a more intuitive workspace. 

  • the prototype offers the possibility to exercise in a team

  • the user can compare their performance with others

  • the user can create, share, and receive new routes

  • the user can compile, share and receive exercise programs

  • the prototype offers the possibility to share movement progress with other users

  • the prorotype uses a combination of intercal, strength and fitness training

  • the prototype must support muscle and bone strengthening activities

  • the prototype offers the possibility to move at a moderate or rigorous level

  • the prototype offer the possibility of warming up and strengtheningexercises

  • the prototype offers the possibility of different levels of difficulty

  • the prototype must use the existing "movement routes"

  • the prototype contains a competition element

  • the user is guided by the prototype when moving

  • the user must be motivated by means of the prototype to perform moderate to intensive efforts for at least 150 minutes per week

  • the prototype offers exercises whose intensity is just higher than the user can handle

  • the prototype increases or decreases the level of difficulty of the exercises based on the users progress

  • the prototype as a whole must be as consisten as possible

  • the user can indicate whether an exercise has been achieved or not including the maount of repititions

  • the prototype tracks the progress and performance of the user

  • the user must receive regular feedback regarding his prototype actions

  • the prototype gives the user real-time feedback during exercise

  • the user is shown motivational text messages

  • the prototype can measure and record the physical exertion of the wearer by means of an activity tracker

  • the prototype gives the user trigger

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